Being Diabetic can seriously limit and compromise your mouth health.

Research shows that if you suffer with Diabetes you have an increased prevalence to gum disease, because you seem to be more prone to severe periodontal disease. In fact, epidemiological studies have clearly identified that diabetes is a major risk factor for periodontitis, increasing your risk approximately 3x compared to non-Diabetics.

Evidence also shows that there is an important bi-directional relationship between periodontal disease and systemic disease in Diabetes.  Consequently, Diabetics with poor oral health are more at risk of developing organ failure and other systemic disorders such as Cardiovascular, Kidney Disease and Stroke.

This bi-directional relationship is called the seesaw effect; a phenomenon regularly found in Diabetes, as indicated in the diagram below:

Diabetes predisposes to
Exacerbates high levels of

The severity of periodontal disease in Diabetics may be partly due to compromised immune responses which slow down healing and in turn lead to chronic inflammation and infection in the mouth. However, the increased risk of periodontal disease in Diabetes is also linked to Diabetic medication as well as the condition known as Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) which can also accompany Diabetes. This latter problem is particularly prevalent during the night which may contribute to the accumulation of glucose in your mouth during sleep.

So, even though you control your blood glucose levels and maintain a healthy diet, as a Diabetic you can have up to 4 times more glucose in your saliva than non-Diabetics.  This may be one of the factors which cause Diabetics to experience progressive periodontal problems.

On the positive side, evidence shows that controlling periodontal problems in Diabetes can also help to control your blood glucose levels.

Unfortunately, many Diabetics are unaware of the links between periodontitis and Diabetes and of the potential benefits that periodontal treatment can have in controlling your Diabetes.


Be aware that your mouth needs extra care in Diabetes.  Don’t wait until your mouth starts to show signs of distress.  As soon as you know you are pre-Diabetic or have been diagnosed with Diabetes be pro-active and take control.  You may not even recognise the signs, but your dentist will.

Understanding these difficulties and taking extra daily measures to control plaque is essential.  There is little or no evidence to suggest, for example, that Diabetics require antibiotics as part of periodontal therapy. Therefore, daily use of plaque-control preparations combined with regular visits to the dentist can be effective in the prevention of periodontal disease.

Taking control of your risks is all-important in the fight against progressive periodontal disease and ultimately in safeguarding your general health and wellbeing.

Whilst brushing and flossing after each meal and before bed can help dislodge plaque from between the teeth, the more aggressive plaque, resting under the gum line or attached to other mucosal surfaces, is much harder to remove and to prevent from accumulating into hard-to-manage biofilm deposits.  These are the microbes which will cause periodontal disease, caries, tooth loss and infections.


AnOxident balance® Anti-oxidant, Glucose-barrier technology.

The 4 products which comprise the AnOxidentbalance range have been developed specifically  to help Diabetics protect their teeth and gums from excess levels of salivary glucose which can contribute to the known oral problems.

AnOxident balance® is an innovative range of mouthcare products containing a patented, bio-mimetic complex; a unique combination of naturally occurring anti-oxidants, bio-active compounds  vitamins and minerals  to help correct imbalances in your mouth which could increase free radicals and cause unwanted plaque build-up. The products enhance and support your mouth’s natural defence systems, boost your anti-oxidant levels and form a barrier against the unwanted side effects of excess salivary glucose.

An essential part of your daily Diabetes care plan.

AnOxident balance® with patented LF-NFQ® and the DUOX System

Comprising 4 Medical Device oral hygiene products (CE), the range works synergistically to provide anti-oxidant, glucose-barrier technology for the protection of teeth and gums in Diabetes.

During the times when your mouth may be prone to certain protective deficiencies AnOxident balance® helps reinforce and support your saliva’s natural action, preventing the damaging effects of excess salivary glucose and free radicals by encouraging a pH which favours the presence of healthy oral flora.