The new AnOxident balance mouth care range is an essential part of your daily diabetes
care plan. The medical device products have been developed specifically to protect
teeth and gums from high levels of glucose in your saliva which can contribute to the oral problems associated with diabetes.

AnOxident balance® Toothpaste – 100gr

The new, patented formulation combines the fortifying action of milk and plant extracts with the clinically-proven DUOX system to help restore your mouth’s natural pH balance, boost anti-oxidants and reduce the periodontal impact of excess salivary glucose on teeth and gums, quickly and effectively.  AnOxident balance ® Toothpaste contains no foaming agents and its mild flavours and gentle ingredients are easy to tolerate.

AnOxident balance® non-foaming Toothpaste is gentle on the mouth whilst delivering naturally occurring compounds which help maintain the delicate micro-system your mouth needs for prolonged comfort, oral health and wellbeing.

Fluoride & Xylitol provide added caries protection.