We are actively seeking distributors in all developed markets. We believe the AnOxident balance products will be sold through a number of different channels.

Essentially they should be visible when a diabetic is searching for products to meet the many different needs: skincare, footcare, woundcare, eyecare, dietary, monitoring etc

We have ascertained that diabetics source their healthcare products from a variety of providers: via online diabetic product portals, via their associations, in pharmacy or in health stores. Perhaps through dental offices, but this will differ from one country to another.

Visibility and availability are key, together with a well-thought out, integrated communication programme using social media as well as the more standard methods of publicity. To achieve this therefore, we are seeking a ‘partner’ with the infrastructure and vision to implement such a programme within any or all of the above-mentioned sectors. We imagine our ideal partner will already be handling ‘quality of life’ products aimed at alleviating specific health needs, and will have some understanding of the importance of mouth health.

If you are interested in assessing our products with a view to managing distribution or to exploring some alternative form of collaboration please contact us at any of the links below:
+32 479 05 79 05

Or complete the contact form provided