AnOxident balance® is a registered trade mark of Taradon Laboratory.

The AnOxident balance products are certified by the Ministry of Health of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for free sale as Class 1 medical devices.

The mode of action of the AnOxident balance® range incorporates naturally occurring mechanisms which have been clinically proven to be effective in helping support and maintain human health.

The formulations are covered by several patents and in particular:

Antimicrobial composition and uses thereof: WO 2008/003688 – US 8,263,138

Inventor:  Dr. Jean Paul Perraudin

The present invention relates to a composition comprising – at least one ion selected from hypohalite, – at least one compound selected from lactoferrin, lactoferrin peptide, lysozyme, immunoglobulins or a combination thereof, – optionally hypothiocyanite, and- optionally at least one growth factor.

The present invention also relates to the use of said compositions for prophylactic and/or therapeutic medicinal applications, or plant protection applications, in particular for the control of microorganisms, either planktonic or organized in biofilms.

Method for production of lactoferrin: WO 2010/112988

Inventor:  Dr. Jean Paul Perraudin

The invention concerns a method for production of lactoferrin comprising at least the steps of:

  1. submitting the milk or colostrum to a treatment in order to obtain a solution of Lactenin (LN) or Milk Basic Protein (MBP)
  2. bsubmitting the LN or MBP to a step of purification on a cation exchange resin equilibrated with a buffer at a pH between 4 and 9 and eluted with different buffers containing different solute concentrations.
  3. collecting a fraction containing Lactoferrin having more than 95% of purity, having no polymers and substantially free of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) or endotoxins and angiogenin
  4. this lactoferrin contains an iron saturation level comprised between 9% to 15%