Enriched with bio-active milk and plant extracts combined with the clinically proven DUOX system, this unique medical device (CE) counteracts the oral impact of excess salivary glucose and boosts anti-oxidant levels in your mouth.

Used regularly during the day the mineral-rich formulation also helps rebalance oral moisture, promotes mouth health, comfort and freshness.

The unique, patented formulation boosts your mouth’s natural mechanisms to prevent the action of free radicals and control pH.

Ingredients: Excipients, Xylitol, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Monofluorophosphate 0.114% w/w (150 ppm fluoride ion), Sodium Chloride, Sodium, Milk Protein Extract, Milk Substrate, Calcium Chloride, Cucumis Melo, Lactoferrin-NFQ®, Apo-Lactoferrin-NFQ®, Magnesium Chloride.

Directions for use: Spray liberally onto gums and tongue as often as required during the day.
To help control excess salivary glucose during the day in-between brushing, and to provide a feeling of moisture if oral dryness occurs. AnOxident balance Oral Spray is a Class 1 Medical Device (CE)
Contains traces of milk proteins. Consult your doctor before use if allergic to any of these ingredients.  Wash nozzle after use if it comes into contact with oral surfaces.