The new, patented formulation combines the fortifying action of milk and plant extracts with the clinically-proven DUOX system helping restore your mouth’s natural pH balance, boost anti-oxidants and reduce the periodontal impact of excess salivary glucose on teeth and gums, quickly and effectively.

AnOxident balance® Toothpaste is non-foaming and gentle on the mouth whilst delivering naturally-occurring compounds proven to help maintain the delicate micro-system your mouth needs for prolonged comfort, oral health and wellbeing.

Fluoride and Xylitol provide caries protection.

Ingredients:  Excipients, Sodium Monofluorophosphate 1.14% w/w (1500 ppm fluoride ion), Xylitol, Milk Protein Extract, Milk Substrate, Cucumis Melo, Apo Lactoferrin-NFQ®, Lactoferrin-NFQ®

Brush teeth for at least 2 minutes after each meal and before going to sleep at night. Rinse with AnOxident balance Oral Rinse and spit out. For optimal effect, do not rinse with water.  For children over 7 use a pea-sized amount under supervision.
Especially recommended to control periodontal problems due to Diabetic-related  excess salivary glucose.  AnOxident balance Toothpaste is a Class 1 Medical Device (CE)
Not suitable for children of 6 years and under. Avoid swallowing. Contains traces of milk proteins. Consult your doctor before use if allergic to any of the ingredients. Close cap after use.