We aim to improve Quality of Life by reinforcing deficiencies in naturally occurring physiological mechanisms in order to promote human health, wellbeing and comfort in the way nature intended.

Taradon Personal Care, a subsidiary of the Belgian biochemical company Taradon Laboratory, develops and bring to market unique healthcare products which harness the scientific and technical expertise of Taradon Laboratory.

Taradon Laboratory specialises in researching and applying the health-promoting properties of naturally-derived milk and plant molecules which are biologically equivalent to those present in human secretion liquids.

The AnOxident balance mouthcare products support the microbial stability of the mouth, helping overcome and prevent mouth problems
linked to compromised or deficient saliva.


Dr. Jean-Paul PerraudinPhD – President
Dr. Perraudin has a PhD in applied biochemistry from the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles). He is considered to be a pioneer in the science and application of the molecules containded in the secretion liquids such as Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme, … which have formed his lifetime work.
Working since 1970 on the fundamental biological significance of these molecules and other enzymes, which exist naturally in all human secretion liquids, Dr. Perraudin has applied his expertise to a number of applications destined at improving human health and wellbeing.  Amongst these; nutritional formulations, skincare preparations and mouth care ranges – namely Biotene and BioXtra.
His work has been awarded the “Prix de l’Innovation Technologique” on two separate occasions.
Dr. Perraudin holds several patents which form the basis for the application of these specialist technologies.
Mary HewittCommercial Director
Mary is a graduate in business studies and languages. For over 30 years Mary’s career has covered a wide variety of roles within the strategic marketing and communications industry.
She was involved in the UK launch of Replens and in 1996 she was appointed Account Manager for the UK launch of the Biotene Dry Mouth range of products helping the team gain prescription status for the Biotene Oralbalance gel.
In 1999 Mary joined Dr. Perraudin as a founder member and shareholder of the company responsible for the inception, development and commercialization of the BioXtra brand, a successor to Biotene.
In collaboration with Dr. Perraudin, Mary is bringing to market a number of mouth care products within the Taradon Personal Care portfolio. The first of these is aimed at improving oral health within the Diabetic community.
Jean-Baptiste MorelFinancial Controller and Logistics
Jean-Baptiste is a founder member of Taradon Laboratory. He holds a master’s degree in economics and finance from the Brussels School of Management – ICHEC.
Jean-Baptiste started his career in biotechnology in 2004 as product manager for the company Biopole SA, founded by Dr. Jean-Paul Perraudin in 1987.
During his career he has been heavily involved in identifying commercial applications for milk-derived compounds such as Colostrum, Lactoferrin and Lactoperoxidase.